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Empowering Financial Inclusion

Discover the cutting-edge world of financial technology where innovation meets finance to reshape the way we manage, invest, and transact.


Cutting Edge Minimum Viable Product
Standard transactions sets such as Internal and External Funds Transfers, Mobile money and wallet transfers, bill payments and inquiries.
White Canvass
We offer white canvassing that's customizable by adding organization-specific modules, processes and workflows, customer journeys and BI reporting.
Seamless Deployment
Our seamless deployment is built as micro and multi-services to ensure ease of integration and support to third-party services like mobile network operators and billers.
Salient Features
• Remote account opening & self-registration
• Credit rating and loan origination
• Savings, current, fixed deposit and loan accounts management
• FX buy and sell
• Investment Banking


Pathways Technologies has been innovating and leveraging technology to develop implement and deploy ATM bridging and switching solutions for Banks, Microfinance institutions & SACCO’s.
Pathways E-Bridge Features

Integrate Core Banking System to the national and other bank
switches via ISO 8583 protocol for:

  • National acquired POS and ATM transactions from other institutions
  • Visa and MasterCard acquired transactions from POS and other ATMS

Integrate bank ATM and Merchant devices / portal to the core banking for:

  • ATM Acquiring
  • Visa and MasterCard acquired transactions from POS and other ATMS

Mobile Wallet

A mobile wallet is a digital way to store credit, debit, ID, and gift cards so that purchases can be made using a mobile smart device rather than a physical card.
Why is a Mobile Wallet Useful?
Most users rate this as the number one benefit. Our smartphones are with us at all times, so the convenience of not shuffling through an entire deck of plastic cards during checkout is appealing. Someone can even wear their mobile wallet by storing it in a smart watch or Fitbit®.
Safer Shopping
Mobile wallets offer better security than swiping your physical debit or credit cards. every single transaction is encrypted, which means your actual card or accounts numbers are never shared with the merchant. Instead, mobile wallets use a Device Account Number (DAN) in place of actual account or card numbers. If a thief accesses the DAN, it would be completely useless to them and leave your accounts untouched.

Credit Scoring & Rating

Our world class credit scoring engine leverages historical transactions, rule-based and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to provide accurate credit scores for financial organizations. Our engine is capable of integrating to various data points such as CRB, an organization’s KYC and transactions databased and a National Registry Database to build a robust score card to suit different FSPs and their lending policies or other rating needs.

Enable Your Organization

Achieve Digital Transformation by Leveraging Emerging Technologies like
Data Analytics, Machine Learning & AI.
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